Bubble Rooftops

Juxtaposition Arts (JXTA) is a haven for Minneapolis’ brightest young artists, creators, and social justice advocates. The organization is also infamous for blowing bubbles off it’s rooftop, a strategy employed for the last decade to welcome community members into JXTA’s creative spaces.

For years, JXTA used a Bubbletron machine on a folding chair as the means to achieve their warm and ephmeral invitation. However, frequent trips to the roof to refill the bubble cistern prompted JXTA to generate their own design - specifically intended for long, uninterrupted use.

To help bring JXTA’s vision to fruition, I facilitated various workshops with JXTA student apprentices to identify current paint points, generate concepts, and select a final design direction. I used 3D CAD (Solidworks) to design the system, and employed laser cutting, 3D printing, and electronics breadboarding to build functional prototypes. Final assembly was completed by the student apprentices involved in the initial concept generation. The result is a large volume bubble maker that can blow hundreds of bubbles a minute.